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Our wines ... tradition, organic farming and an eye to the future ...


Our wines come from grapes produced in our vineyards and each vineyard produces a single wine; in this sense each of our wines can be defined as a CRU, representative of the vine and the terroir that welcomes it.

It is a "political" choice because it wants to offer all the sensory equipment of the single grape variety in a bottle. Naturally this represents a risk for the producer, because it exposes him to the risks and variables of the season, but at the same time allows to create a unique and unrepeatable wine at each harvest.

The aromas of Barbera Superiore de 2015 ... the color and body of that of 2016 ... are the characteristic elements of each vintage that we remember and want to pass on to our friends.

Wines from native vines, a single blend of Barbera and Nebbiolo grapes in the classic "Piedmontese blend" of Dahlia, some forays into historically close territories beyond the Alps, a poetic license with an Orange di Chardonnay, the scents of the harvest with Moscato d ' Asti, the Monovitigno Grappas of Barbera, Chardonnay and Moscato ....

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