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This is what I like thinking about us when I stop watching our vines...

We are a small farm, created step by step with sacrifice but even with satisfactions.

It’s our land.

I was educated with agrarian studies and then I travelled in different corners of the world to learn and leave my experience.

I never left the land.

Today I spend my life to take care, improve and help the land to produce the magic of wine

In my way.

I eradicated and planted new vines because I wanted healthy plants, never polluted with chemicals.

Today I can say I produce and drink an healthy and clean wine.

I have the opportunity to take care of all my work meticulously, from my plants in the vineyard to all the procedures in the cellar.

The result is my serenity…

With the satisfaction to offer to my friends a generous and sincere wine, which can tell the story of my land.



L’Annunziata is a family organic winery of about 5 hectares located in Piemonte, near Asti, on the smooth hills between Langhe and Monferrato (now listed as “UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE”), in the Annunziata district of Costigliole d’Asti town.

Costigliole d’Asti is the town with the largest number of vineyards in Italy and it is a very important reference point for the production of famous red wines like Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Freisa and white wines like Moscato, Cortese and Arneis.

Our headquarter is located on a hill (400 m above sea level), in front of the ancient wine road “Astiana”.

Our hills have a calcareous terrain with grey or bluish marly trestles and host vineyards since time immemorial.



Our mission is to produce traditional high-quality wines with a great attention to the environment, to the sustainability of all the production processes and to our consumers’ health.

This is why we chose from the beginning an ORGANIC AND BIODYNAMIC AGRICULTURE.

We feel deeply the responsibility about the conservation of a land considered “special” all over the world.


Our vineyards are traditionally handled in Guyot system.

We have vineyards which were planted in 1968 and others planted more recently.

For all of them we follow the principle of high number of plants per hectare (about 8.000 per hectare on average): competition among plants leads to deep rooting; in this way we can avoid fertilization and this helps the vines fighting better against heat and water stress periods. Moreover deep rooting is strongly important for the mineral feeding of vines which is then transferred to wine, for the best expressiveness of terroir.

Many operations are manually done (like hoeing or pruning) and the use of tractor is limited to reduce the farm ecological footprint.

Between the vineyards we sow mixed meadows to practice the “ancient” green manure.

Our wines come from Piemonte autochthonous vines and are all under Denomination of Origine Controlled (D.O.C.) or under Denomination of Origine Controlled and Guaranteed (D.O.C.G.), which are the highest level of quality for italian wines: BARBERA D'ASTI SUPERIORE D.O.C.G.,  MONFERRATO DOLCETTO D.O.C., MOSCATO D'ASTI D.O.C.G, PIEMONTE CHARDONNAY D.O.C., NEBBIOLO D.O.C, PINOT NERO D.O.C.

With the skins of grape separated from wine without pressing we produce ORGANIC MONOVITIGNO GRAPPA.



Our job is the “winegrower”, “vignaiolo” in italian. It means that we grow and pick grapes, we make wine and we sell it directly.

We are part of “FIVI”, the Italian federation of independent winegrowers.

Passion for nature and our territories, responsibility for next generations, love for our job: all this is what connote our by day.

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