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We believe that agricultural products must be as natural as possible to preserve environment and consumers’ health.

Our family chooses to consume organic and sustainable products as much as possible: it’s not only an ethic but even a substantial choice: the mankind should eat natural products, not chemicals!

In a globalized world, it becomes very important to know more about the food producers.

For us “organic” means: no herbicide, no pesticide, no synthetic insecticide, no fertilizers.




In our vineyard we use traditional natural techniques like the crop rotation together with new biodynamic practices like the use of herbal preparations to reduce or eliminate chemical treatments against mildew.

We don't make any kind of fertilization, neither with organic fertilizer not to influence the terroir: the high number of plants per hectare (about 8.000 per hectare on average) leads to deep rooting and this helps the vines fighting better against heat and water stress periods.

To defend the grapes from the weeds, we use hoeing instead of chemicals: it grubs weed, it allows soil permeability (rain water can penetrate the soil) and it helps young vines’ roots to go deeper. Great part of the work is made thanks to a motor hoe: a great relief for the farmers’ back!

In our vineyard we use only natural products to defend the grapes: copper, sulfur and vegetable preparations against fungal infections, Piretro (Chrisanthemum cinerariifolium) against harmful insects.

On the sides of the fields we planted hedges of indigenous shrubbery and trees , to provide a habitat for small animals, flowering for bees and useful insects, berries and nesting sites for birds.

Large areas on the borders and inside the vineyard are cultivated with flowering honeyed plants to provide pollen for bees throughout the summer, to promote the pollination of the vine but also of all the surrounding plants.

For example, in our new Nebbiolo vineyard of 0.5 hectare  we have created a 400 square meters melliferous band, almost 10% of the area.

In this way viticulture can become an active tool to increase biodiversity and return to a balance that is as natural as possible.


The EU Regulation 203/2012 introduced common and stringent rules for all European farmers.

In that exact year we immediately chose to certificate our farming to be able to offer to our clients the certainty about the origin, the health and the sustainability of our wines.


Organismo di Controllo Autorizzato

dal MiPAAF IT BIO 005


Operatore Controllato n. 6076



The Italian wine industry is characterized by a National Register in which all the D.O.C (origin controlled denomination) and D.O.C.G (origin controlled and guaranteed denomination) vineyards are recorded.

All D.O.C. and D.O.C.G productions are monitored by VALORE ITALIA (Certification Authority): from the aerial photos of each vineyard to the annual production controls, from the traceability to the compliance to each denomination disciplinary.

Every bottle has a band on its bottleneck to ensure the control check of the entire production chain.

In this way the consumer is protected and Italian wines can be introduced into the world as fully representative of the land of their birth.

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