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We don't have a “Planet B”…

this means we have the responsibility, both in our everyday’s life and in our economic activities, to think natural resources are not endless and we have to take care of them. 

We have the need to reconsider our lives and work, in order not to waste natural resources, not to pollute with our everydays’ activies and to recycle everything we can.

This is why we try to work in harmony with nature, saving the biodiversity, minimizing the use of fossil fules and preferring the human work instead of machines’.


Geothermic plant in the cellar, green manure to fertilize, use of natural products like wood, glass, paper and cork, 0% use of plastic in all our production process.

No chemicals in the cellar.

Only copper and sulfur in the vineyard, like our ancestors.


Let’s follow us in our journey….   Home

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